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What is this with Wisdom?  Ah, here is some more.  Don't like them?  Hit Refresh for a different selection!

Wisdom #1290: Moving parts in rubbing contact require lubrication to avoid excessive wear.

Wisdom #6: Oops! More Programming Required! Call in the troops!

Wisdom #227: I have been faithful to my girlfriend and plan to do so for the company I work for.

Wisdom #1619: Wedding rings: the world's smallest handcuffs.

Wisdom #1316: Never try to outstubborn a cat.

Wisdom #1318: New York, Tokyo, Paris, Hood River

Wisdom #1658: Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone renounced violence forever? I could then conquer the whole stupid planet with just a butter knife.

Wisdom #1092: I intend to live forever or die trying.

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