Gemscale 50 Introduction - Tucson 91

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The very first year we introduced the Gemscale 50.  We had only 10 scales, plus a bunch of empty scale cases (no guts).  Distributors wouldn't talk to us "Dendritics Who?", so we just took a booth at the GLDA in what was then the Holiday Inn, up on the 7th floor.  To fill out the booth (which was really our bedroom), we got a standup life-sized statue of Albert Einstein and Marian made a whole bunch of fish, seaweed, starfish, etc. to decorate a glass showcase. We sold out the 10, plus the 100 we scheduled for February, 100 for March, 100 for April, and 100 for May's production!  These images of our booth are from some Polaroids we snapped.

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